The idea of making kombucha that is low in calories, delicious, not sour or acidic, and slightly alcoholic had been brewing in my mind for a while. We set out to create a new kind of brew that you can indulge in without compromise and with just enough alcohol to give you a healthy buzz.
— Barry Nalebuff


KOMBREWCHA is an innovative and groundbreaking kombucha company brewed and based in New York City.  We are a small team of health conscious entrepreneurs who are pioneering the way in alcoholic kombucha. 

KOMBREWCHA was founded by Barry Nalebuff, of Honest Tea & Ariel Glazer, a natural foods entrepreneur. They set out to create a better tasting, naturally alcoholic kombucha so you can live life without compromise. We believe you should never have to choose between being healthy or having fun.  



In 1998, Barry together with his former student Seth Goldman cofounded Honest Tea, a company that sells ready-to-drink iced tea that truly tastes like tea. It was one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies and has grown (organically) from $0 to $70 million in sales. In 2011, Coca-Cola purchased the company.

Barry is also the Milton Steinbach Professor at Yale School of Management. An expert on game theory, he has written extensively on its application to business strategy. In addition to his academic work (and Honest Tea), he advised the NBA in their recent negotiations with the National Basketball Players Association and serves on the board of Nationwide Insurance. A graduate of MIT, a Rhodes Scholar, and Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, Nalebuff earned his doctorate at Oxford University.

Ariel Glazer Kombrewcha

ARIEL GLAZER – Co-founder & Kombrewmeister

Ariel founded a wholesale organic hummus business in Portland, Maine. Unable to find any good-tasting hummus like the kind he grew up with in Israel, he decided to make it himself. Leaving his job as a Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs to follow his wife to the foodie town of Portland, he seized the opportunity to pursue his passion and launched a hummus business. The experiment was an immediate success. Ariel’s Hummus hired 2 employees, added freshly baked Pita bread to their repertoire, was featured by the local Whole Foods, and sold 8,000 containers of hummus and 25,000 units of pita bread.